Digital Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Yandex SEO

Search Engine Optimization on Yandex

Yandex is the largest search engine in the Russian-speaking internet, so Yandex SEO is a priority for companies and entrepreneurs who want to promote their products or services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries where Yandex has a significant market share.

Yandex has 40 to 60% of the traffic from search engines in these countries. It forces us to pay attention to optimizing websites for Yandex, as it allows to promote business in most part of the Runet.

What Are the Ranking Factors on Yandex Search?

Nowadays links impact on the ranking in Yandex has lost its former importance. The main factors influencing the visibility of a website on Yandex search results are:

  • Technical optimization — website should satisfy general requirements of Yandex, search engine robot should get access to webpage to scan it and understand its content.
  • Content — completeness of the response to a query has a significant value. Priority is given to websites, that can answer as much queries in their specific industry as possible.
  • Website region — sometimes user wants to see websites from his location. For such queries Yandex usually prefers websites of companies from the same location.
  • Commercial ranking factors — among websites that can give equally well response to a query, Yandex tries to find the most reliable. Among the factors that affect the credibility of the website are: detailed information about the company, prices, conditions of service (payment methods, delivery, return policy), customers or partners reviews, and so on. Read more about Yandex commercial ranking factors.
  • Behavioral factors — how does the user behave on your website, can he find what he is looking for, or returns back to the search engine results page. For the last several years Yandex takes these factors into account when assessing the quality of websites.

Today’s approach to SEO in Yandex is possible to define as fundamental, technical and long-term. The time to achieve results is often longer than in Google. However, with proper planning and execution, SEO in Russia and Russian-speaking internet gives favorable results.

 Let’s talk about Yandex SEO: