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VK: useful links to DMCA complaint, fake profile report and support requests

Today I have for you a short post that you should definitely add to your bookmarks. Here I’ve gathered some useful links to VK support sections that you might be looking for :)

How to report a user pretending to be you?

On VK you can meet a lot of bots that use photos from open sources. For example, they download pictures and your profile details from other social networks, and create fake profiles on VK. Seeing the profile with your name and the whole photo album can be very annoying.

To get rid of clone’s profile you need to:

  1. Follow this link (Yes, to send a complaint, you must have your account on VK. Registration will take no more than a minute).
  2. Describe the problem and provide a link to the fake profile.
  3. Take a selfie with your request in the background (i.e. near your monitor with your question displayed):
  4. Take a photo of your passport or ID at an angle as shown below:
  5. Submit the form and wait for a response.

How to delete your profile on VK

Follow this link and send the form.

How to ask a question to VK support

Follow this link and send the form.  (Yes, to send a complaint, you must have your account on VK)

How do I file a complaint about the illegal distribution of copyrighted content on VK (DMCA complaint)?

First, check out the procedure for studying the distribution of any user content on VK.

Then you can submit a DMCA complaint request here.

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