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Public pages and Groups on VK — What’s the difference?

It’s easy to get confused when choosing between a group and a public page on Vkontakte. I know, they look pretty similar :)

However, there are a few differences to consider when choosing the right type of community for your business on VK.

Public pages

So, a public page (or fanpage, like on Facebook) is created primarily for sharing content with your followers. There a few nuances of VK public pages that you should know about:

  • Any VK user can see your content. Meaning you can’t create ‘closed’ or private page;
  • Only page administrators can publish a post
  • However, followers can use ‘Suggest news’ field to send you their own posts. You can accept it and publish like your own, or refuse and delete it:
  • sections “Pictures”, “Audio”, “Discussion board” are located on the right sidebar: 
  • ability to create events and put them on the sidebar;
  • no “Invite friends” option for followers;
  • if a user often visits your page, the logo is specified in his profile in the “Interesting pages” section, which is an additional advertising for you.


The main purpose of a group on VK is communication between users. It will work well if you want to create a community of your brand’s fans:

  • can be open to all visitors, closed (user must apply to join), private (requests are sent by the administrators of the group);
  • the wall may be closed, restricted (still have the opportunity to comment on posts) or fully opened, so that users can publish their posts:
  • sections “Photos”, “Discussion board”, “Audio files” are at the top of the page: 
  • no ability to create events;
  • there is a section for publishing latest news;
  • section “Documents” allows to upload PDF, DOC or some other files;
  • each follower can use “Invite friends” function;
  • on your follower’s profile your group name is deep in the details, so it’s almost impossible that anyone can see it;
  • the user can hide all groups that he follows (useful in case of controversial or sensitive topics);
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Besides these differences, all functions of public pages and groups are pretty identical. They both have links and contact sections, you can upload videos and create photo albums, add “Products” section and publish your products or services, you can use private messages to communicate with your followers.

Remember that  you can always change your community type from the public page to the group , and vice versa. If you can’t find this option in your community menu, contact VK support team here: https://vk.com/support?act=new

 Check out my new video: “How to set up VK fanpage or group?” 

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33 Comments Public pages and Groups on VK — What’s the difference?

  1. Ravi

    Can you tell me one thing? I checked few vk popular pages and found that these pages post average 50+ posts every day. I am wondering if these pages use third-party website to automate their posts schedule or they are actually spending there all day manually posting content on their page?

    1. Konstantin Kanin

      Hi Ravi,
      Yes, many of them automatically publish posts from other sources, so basically they just aggregate content from other communities.

  2. Pavlos Theodorou

    Hi Konstantin,

    If i understand well VK pages are similar to FaceBook profiles. Can you please tell me if VK support Pages as “Facebook Pages” to enable public figures, businesses, organizations, etc.


    1. Konstantin Kanin

      Hi Pavlos,
      Yes, sure. When you create your public page (the same as Facebook page) you can choose its topic, e.g. celebrity, store, company etc.

  3. Jack

    Would lovvvvvve to know how to view as pages. I only get to be on internet twice a week and most of my time is spent hitting previous post button. I can never view as actual pages. Would love to know a better technique. Much deep thanks.

      1. Konstantin Kanin

        Hi Jack,
        On VK you cannot view as a page. Could you describe your issue in more details?

      1. Selena Jacson

        thank you for your reply. I tried but its showing error, page not found… Now what can i do??.. :(

        1. Konstantin Kanin

          Try another solution:
          go to your group Settings->Sections, then choose Wiki block -> limited. Go back you your group main page and select ‘Latest news’ and then ‘Edit’. Save when you finish.

  4. Omar

    Thank you for the amazing info. I would like to know how organic post reach go to more people on VK , for example on Facebook it is about good content that make people do many comments and you reply to them so it reach more , but I think it is not about fans comments on VK

  5. Aureliano

    Thanks much Konstantin! I am curios about how to promote a page through admin friends: is there a tool for that or you simply have to send a real message to your friends inviting them to VK-url page link? Thanks and keep going!

    Btw: are you now in Poland?

    1. Konstantin Kanin

      Hi Aureliano! Yes, I’m in Poland now:)
      You can only invite your friend to join a group. Click “You are a member” at the top of your group and then “Invite friends to join”.
      This option is unavailable in public pages.


    Hello, I have a question. I have my personal Page on VK and I created a community. Now I try to get my posts from Instagram directly to the community is it possible? I found only the solution to get it to my personal page, wall or album.

    Thanks for your help!

  7. Hanafi

    Hi Konstantin,
    I just wondering why my page didn’t show up in google searching result.
    An example I try to search a someone page like https://vk.com/page-50321053_44373703, I search with keyword page-50321053_44373703 and Google show the page in the result. But when I try to my page is not show up in the result. Can you tell me why my page not indexed by Google? is there any setting that I missed?
    My group wall setting is restricted and wiki-block is limited.

  8. Rony

    Hello bro.
    Can you please tell me how to invite friend to my page?? ii can’t find this function.

  9. Bill Daniel

    tell me, why vk blocked my page, and in restore, refuse, using as pretext, that my profile photos are different, from photo/passport , i send
    When most pages in VK use fake profile photos, start with thee million fake celebrities
    At least i use real name,birthday,age, real profile infos
    Why in same sitoation, OK.RU unblocked my profile in 1 day, i use same fake profile photos as in VK
    VK and ok.ru belong to same family mail.ru follow the same Privacy policy by my.com in Cyprus,
    Why VK Administrator, refuses to restore my page??

  10. Maikel

    Great info and many thanks for sharing.
    VK used to allow content and posts outside the newsfeed (eg as a search on some community’s newsfeed) to be posted to my group’s feed. It appears nowadays one can only repost entire news posts with their media posted from my own newsfeed, but not for instance video media found in another user’s video list, or even a post found through a group’s newsfeed.
    Is there a known workaround?

  11. noel

    Can you help me something please…

    Did Vk has the opprotunity like Facebook to share articles like Instant Article platform?

  12. Pashang Buddha

    I really love it
    I wanted to create my blog look beautiful can you give me some ideas

  13. Mac Kamber

    Konstantine! Thank you for sharing your feedback with the people. Very useful ! Please consider my queries below:
    1) how to replace a profile picture with a profile video on my community page ?
    2) in technical terms what is the difference between administrator and moderator when it comes to manage the community page on Vk.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. Konstantin Kanin

      Hi Mac,
      1) There is no such option on VK right now.
      2) Here is the difference between each type of manager:

      Moderator – can remove user generated content and manage the community’s blacklist.

      Editor – can post as the community, add, remove and edit content, and update the community’s main picture.

      Administrator – can appoint and remove administrators, change the community name and URL.


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