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How to create VK account without a phone number?

How sign up to VK:

  1. Open vk.com
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Create a password
  5. Add your profile details

1. Open vk.com on your computer, phone or tablet.

2. Fill out the sign up form.

You can create an account on VK in three ways:

If you have a Facebook account and you want to use it on VK, just click on “Log in with Facebook”, the window with Facebook sign in will pop up and then just follow the instructions.

If you don’t want to use Facebook, fill out the form and click “Continue registration”.

3. Enter your mobile phone number.

As on every social platform nowadays, VK also requires your mobile phone number for verification purposes. Your phone number will not be publicly displayed on VK.

Choose your country in the dropdown menu and then type your phone number in the box above. After you click “Get code” you will get a call from a robot. Don’t pick it up! You need to type last 4 digits of the incoming number in the box and then click Confirm.

If you’ll type incorrect code you’ll get an error. Now you have 3 attempts to input correct code. You should get another call and the same as on previous step you should put the last 4 digits of the incoming number in the box:

If you miss all the attempts you’ll get this error:

In some cases (it depends on the country of your mobile number), if you don’t type the 4 digits for some amount of time, you’ll be offered to get a code in SMS instead.

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VK - Send code via SMS

After you finally got a code and typed it in the box, click “Confirm” to get to the next step.

4. Create a password.

If you sign up using a phone number in the previous steps, just choose the password and type it in the box. Notice that the password is not hidden, so make sure no one’s watching at your screen 🙂 And then click “Join VK”.

5. Add your profile details

You can add some additional details about yourself, like your country, city, university and your email address. You can skip these steps if you want. After this you’ll be asked to confirm this action by typing your password again

How to create VK account without your personal mobile phone number?

You may need to bypass VK phone verification, for example, for the security reasons you don’t want to share your phone number with VK.

So instead of using your own personal mobile phone number to sign up for VK, you have two options:

  • buy additional SIM-card for this purpose
  • use virtual phone number

There are a lot of services offering virtual phone number which basically allows you to recieve SMS verification codes. There are also free services, but the problem is that the majority of phone numbers which they offer are already used on VK by someone.

Good thing is that paid virtual numbers are not as expensive as you might think. If you use SMS Activate it will cost you around $0.33 per one SMS code on the Russian number. SMS Activate has English, Spanish and Chinese interface versions.

First off, you need to top up your balance. For the Russian number you’ll need 21 RUB.

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On the right-upper menu click “Top up balance”:

SMS Activate offers multiple payment methods like VISA/Mastercard, UnionPay, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Yandex.Money etc.

Then, go to the left menu and choose Russia and then click “Buy” next to vk.com:

Buy a virtual phone number for VK

Now you’ll get the number which you can type in the box on VK:

VK - account validation

If you click “Get code” you may notice this error, which means that someone has already taken this phone number to create a profile on VK:

VK - phone number was already used to activate account

Don’t worry and just go back to SMS Activate window and click this red button to get money back and repeat the previous step of getting a number:

When you finally get a number, which hasn’t been used on VK, you’ll see the box “Last 4 digits of phone number”. Notice that there is a timer below:

VK - Last 4 digits of phone number

Wait until the timer ends, and click on the link “Send code via SMS” that appeared:

VK - Send code via SMS

And now go back to SMS Activate window and press this green button to confirm that you are waiting for the SMS code:

After a few minutes max, you’ll see the code. Just copy it and past in the box on VK page.

Now choose the password for your VK account and click “Join VK”. That’s it!

Don’t forget to free this number if you don’t need it anymore, so other user may use it for the other services where it hasn’t been used yet:

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4 Comments How to create VK account without a phone number?

  1. Mike

    Hello Sir,

    thanks a lot for this, it seems to work just fine except that the sms-code I receive has 5 digits and VK is asking for a 4-digit code … any suggestions? :)

  2. Johnny

    Ah right so I use an anonymous phone number , but you have my financial contact details when I buy SMS so I am not anonymous am I?
    But I can trust you, not to hand over my details,Yeah ok


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