Digital Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan


Here I’d like to share a couple of must-have tools for your marketing campaign in the Runet. Have any questions? Write me an email.



URL: https://jagajam.com/en
JagaJam is an analytics platform, which is helpful in making effective communications between brand and social media audience. It provides brands with current data on competitors’ social media activities: their social media content and results they achieve. You will get all the necessary information you need to optimize your content strategy and make interactions with social media target audience effective.


URL: https://www.linkpad.ru
LinkPad is a Russian service, which provides information about backlinks of any website: domains, URLs, anchors, external links, % of nofollow/dofollow links and other useful data.


URL: https://megaindex.com
Megaindex has dozens of services for SEO and PPC analytics, among them: visibility of a domain in organic search results, visibility in the Google and Yandex paid results, backlinks checker. I’ve written in this article about its algorithm that determines whether a backlink is organic or paid.


URL: https://serpstat.com
Using SerpStat you can check what key phrases your competitors use in advertising campaign in Google and Yandex, and on what phrases do the get organic traffic from search engines. SerpStat has keywords database for Google in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa. Yandex database includes keywords for Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ukraine.


URL: https://www.similarweb.com
SimilarWeb is a well-known analytical tool, which allows to discover your competitors’ website traffic statistics. Russia is one of the priority markets for SimilarWeb, so Russian database is updated more often and shows pretty accurate statistics.


URL: http://sociate.ru
Serwis przeznaczony jest do umieszczania postów reklamowych w fanpage’ach i grupach w rosyjskich sieciach VK.com, Odnoklassniki (OK.ru), Instagram, Telegram. W bazie Sociate.ru są najbardziej odwiedzane profile w rosyjskich social media.


URL: http://www.telderi.ru
Service for buying and selling Russian websites and domains. Auctions usually contain data about the level and sources of traffic to the site, current ways of monetization and monthly earnings. Often the owner is selling his website all-in-one, together with its social media fanpages and login/password for services where the website is currently earning money (ad platforms, links exchange services etc.).


URL: https://topvisor.com
All-in-one SEO platform. It has several tools: ranking checker for Yandex, Google, Bing, Go.Mail.ru, Yahoo; Keywords planner for Yandex and Google; Keywords Clustering tool; Search engines updates for Yandex, Google in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


URL: https://kassa.yandex.ru
Yandex.Checkout is a universal payment tool for online stores, services, and charities. You can use the payment solution to receive one-time or recurring payments (with automatic debiting). Nowadays Yandex.Checkout is one of the most popular payment service providers in Russia. Details about Yandex.Checkout.


URL: https://metrica.yandex.com
Analytical service, very similar to Google Analytics, but specialized mostly for Yandex search and ad campaign analytics. One of the advantages – you can view user queries that came from Yandex search results (in Google Analytics you cannot see this data). In addition, if you conduct an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, I recommend to monitor the results on Yandex.Metrica. Check out my videos on YouTube to find out more about Yandex.Metrica.