Digital Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan


Krystian Włodarczyk

Inbound Pro, SEO/SEM Specialist, Online Marketing & SaaS Expert, Positionly.com

I had the pleasure of working with Konstantin in regard to our expansion in the Russian market. When talking about SEM – he’s a pro. He also has a unique knowledge about Yandex, which is really rare, if you’re looking for a specialist in this part of Europe. DaCompany always delivered us the highest grade services (and we weren’t the easiest client to work with, that’s for sure).

Eric Weidner

CEO at Workbox.com

Workbox has been working with DaCompany and Konstantin Kanin since 2012.

They’ve helped us on dozens of projects for US-based clients – specifically for advanced SEO and analytics on the Google and Bing platforms.

I highly recommend Konstantin and his team. They are reliable, honest, good communicators and, most importantly, very good at what they do!

Gleb Aksyutchenko

Enterpreneur (web development), Project manager at Workbox.com

Konstantin and his company showed great results in producing SEO analytical reports for our clients. They also created recommendations/road maps for making websites more user-friendly and indexable. The work was always done on time and the reports were very professional and thorough. I highly recommend Konstantin!

Kamil Dziadkiewicz

Digital Marketing Specialist at Swimmo, Technology Evangelist, startup mentor and crowdfunding junkie

As an organizer responsible for the quality of Social Media Thursday’s keynotes I was very lucky to be introduced to Mr. Konstantin Kanin as a potential presenter for the event.

One look at the resume was enough to know that he’s more than qualified to talk about Russia and its characteristics when it comes to digital and social marketing and advertising. He managed in the short time he was given during the event to explain and excite the professionals listening about the potential of Russian market and features of Russia’s main social networks.

The most obvious proof that Mr. Kanin was effective was the interest among account executives, managers and owners of ad agencies, media houses etc. after the presentation was over.

Amazing presenter with a unique point of view, set of skills and experiences.

Cezary Lech

Head of Marketing at Sprawny Marketing

I’ve organized the international conference Search Marketing Day in Poznan, where Konstantin made two presentations. He provided unique SEO and PPC insights on the Russian market.

He spoke about the nuances of Yandex, which in Western Europe almost no one knows.

I truly recommend Konstantin as a great speaker. You can always expect from him unique and valuable information about marketing in RuNet.

Agnieszka Prokopiuk

SEO Manager at DocPlanner.com

We cooperated with Konstantin as our main Consultant. He helped us to launch our Russian service, after what he helped us with many more small projects. Konstantin is one of the best specialist on Eastern-European SEO I know, and subcontractor you can rely on. I can really recommend working with DaCompany, not only in SEO cases, but also in Social Media and Digital Marketing projects.

Artur Strzelecki

Digital Marketing Consultant

Konstanty is well specialised in runet marketing – russian speaking part of internet. He’s also a good conference speaker. I recommend him to cooperate.