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Advertising on Yandex

Advertising on Yandex search

Yandex, just like Google, sells advertising on its search results. System which allows you to place your ads is called Yandex.Direct.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Price for every click is determined through an auction, and depends on your competitors’ bids and quality of your ads.

Ads are shown above or below the search results. It looks like this:

Advertising on Yandex Partner Network

In addition to advertising on search results page, you have the opportunity to place ads in the partner network, called Yandex Advertising Network.

Unlike advertising on the search network that responds to current requests of users, advertising in partner network focuses on user’s interests, browsing behavior and content of the web page, that user is viewing at the moment.

In this case, fee is also charged for each click on your ad link. Besides text message, you can add an attractive picture or a photo of your product:

Ads in Yandex Advertising Network

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