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Guide to Yandex.Market — Russian eCommerce Marketplace

Yandex.Market is currently one of the most popular marketplaces in Russia. It allows customers to compare prices and product features, check the feedback about the store and then make a purchase. Yandex.Market collaborates both with offline and online retailers, with small and large ecommerce websites. You should pay particular attention to this marketplace, if you want to expand your sales in Russia.

Yandex.Market — Russian eCommerce marketplace

Yandex.Market in numbers:

  • 20 thousand online stores
  • 123 millions of products
  • 2500 categories
  • 20 millions of Russian users monthly

Categories that are most popular among users: electronics, mobile phones, cameras and computers. A bit less popular are home appliances, clothing and cosmetics. Depending on the time of year there is a high demand for sport goods and automobile tires.

How does Yandex.Market works?

After registering on this platform you can place your products here (details below) with a detailed description and characteristics. Then each product is automatically categorized depending on its features.

Users who have chosen your product, go directly on your website where they can purchase it. In case of offline stores that do not have delivery, but give the opportunity a personal pick up, users can open a map that contains information about your store.

If your store participates in “Yandex.Market Quick Order” program, your customers have the opportunity to order and pay directly on the Market, without going to your website.

What stores can join Yandex.Market?

Both online stores, and offline stores without shipping, but with pick up points.

Online stores must meet the following requirements:

  • Stable performance of your store’s website
  • Legal and contact information should be available on the website
  • Updated information on your website that reflects actual data on availability and price of products
  • You should describe payment methods and shipping costs
  • Separate page for each product on your store’s website, and the ability to make an order either from the shopping cart or by telephone

How to add your an online store to Yandex.Market?

To place your products on Yandex.Market you should:

  1. Create the so-called product listing (or feed), i.e. file which contains names, descriptions, specifications and prices of all products in your online store. This file must be in one of the permitted formats (YML, CSV, XLS) and in accordance with the requirements described here.
  2. Register your store on Yandex.Market.
  3. Load and test the product feed file.
  4. Configure the placement settings, and in case of an online store, to configure delivery methods, or pick up points.
  5. Pass moderation.

For some CMS there are modules and plugins ready to connect your store to Yandex.Market: OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento and other.

The range of products is updated automatically, about every two hours. The update is carried out with the help of robot which downloads the file using a link, specified during registration and publishes updated list of products and prices.

What are the payment methods for product placement on Yandex.Market?

For online stores, there are two ways of payment for placement:

  1. CPC (cost per click). You will be charged for a customer’s click on your offer. You can always change CPC — the higher CPC, the better position of your product you get comparing to competitors, so your product is more visible and appearing more frequently in response to user search queries.
  2. CPA (cost per action). You will be charged a fee for orders made by customers on Yandex.Market. You only pay a fee for payment processing: 2% of the total order cost (the product cost + delivery cost, but not less than 1 kopeck).

To get more efficiency, you can try Yandex’ service PriceLabs which helps to automate bidding, monitor your competitors’ prices and analyze your campaign results. Unfortunately, PriceLabs now has only Russian interface.

I also recommend to track the results of your advertising via Yandex.Metrica. This helps to assess the efficiency of placing goods on the Market, track your users behavior, calculate the average cost of customer acquisition and other valuable metrics. Based on these data you can make decisions about the amount of budget devoted to product placement on Yandex.Market.

Store rating and customer reviews

Your customers can leave detailed feedback about purchased products. In a comment customer can also describe the process of delivery, quality of service and other important details. You, as the store owner, can comment on all the reviews. Yandex quality control service determines rating of the store (1 to 5 stars), based on customers feedback and their own tests. This helps customers to avoid purchasing from unreliable seller. .

Often a customer can choose a store with rating of 4-5 stars, despite the fact that the store with weaker rating offers a lower price:

Yandex.Market Ranking

Yandex.Market’s requirements are quite strict. There are many freelancers who may offer writing fake reviews for 100-600 rubles. However, it is worth remembering that Yandex moderator can always ask for such “customers” for a scan of their original receipt. And if it turns out that the reviews was fake, it can lead to a complete shutdown of your store on Yandex.Market. So it is better to improve your service and receive such comments from satisfied customers in a fair manner.

Yandex quality control service regularly investigates the stores’ quality of service. This is a reason why users trust Yandex.Market.


In Russia Yandex.Market has gained trust of many consumers and sellers. However, some accuse it of double standards: meticulous checks and penalty points for small shops, as well as privilege with respect to large retail chains and old online stores.

One thing is certain: quality products, competent management of product feed and great service will help you to promote your shop on any platform, also on Yandex.Market. I hope that Yandex.Market will become your another source of profit in Russia.

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