Digital Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

Social Media Marketing on VK.com

VkontakteIn Russia, Ukraine and Belarus VK.com (VKontakte) is the most popular social network. Users spend a lot of time on this platform, and the main motive for them is communication and entertainment.

VK users want to communicate with the brand where they feel comfortable. So business pages on social media have begun to fulfill the function of customer service, technical support and platform of entertainment for their users.

It is important to understand why users subscribe and follow your fanpage and what content they expect from your brand. Social media is not a place to post your products and wait for the sales. Here it is necessary to attract potential customers, to introduce them to the brand, to interest in content that you share, help them with a choice, solve their problems. And, by the way, to offer them your product or service.

Fanpage on VK.com (Vkontakte)

Vkontakte, in the same way as Facebook allows you to place advertisements targeted at the users selected based on their demographics, location, interests and so on. Advertising can send users to the fanpage or to your website. In one of the articles I described advertising opportunities on VK.

One of the efficient ways of advertising on VK is promoting a selected post from your fanpage. You can include not only text and graphics but also video, polls, maps, files, photo album and other materials.

Marketing activities and communication on the fanpage can be a difficult task for a business. And especially on the new market and an unknown platform.

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