Digital Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

About me

I was born in Belarus. I moved to Poland when I was 18.

In 2009 I’ve started to develop my skills in SEO, mostly related to Yandex.

Since 2013 I’m building DaCompany agency, which I believe will make the West and the East closer to each other. As a marketing agency we help companies from Western and Central Europe to establish communication with consumers in the Russian-speaking internet. Our clients are e-commerce, manufacturers, high schools, internet services, etc.

As a speaker I share my experience at marketing conferences, such as “Search Marketing Day” and “SEO Festival” in Poland, or “Online Marketing Capital” in Germany.

I help small businesses for free by giving advice how to start, what to do and what to avoid during their expansion to Eastern Europe.

What our agency can do for you?

  • Research the demand for your product or service in the Russian speaking internet.
  • Help with your marketing strategy, choose the proper ways to promote your business in search engines, social or mass media, among bloggers and local influencers.
  • SEO for Yandex and Russian Google. Determine the proper SEO strategy for your website, research local competition in target markets.
  • Advertising on Yandex search or partner network in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. We can help you create a new campaign in Yandex.Direct or translate your active campaign into Russian or Ukrainian.
  • Social Media Marketing. Advertising in local social media and managing a fanpage on VK.com (Vkontakte), OK.ru and Facebook.
  • Translation and Localization of your website into Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Help you to choose a proper Russian domain.
  • Help you to register local hosting in Russia or any other Eastern European country.

Let’s talk :)